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Posted by ShadowMan1187 - June 7th, 2009

New Forum: Here
New Project: Here

Join my Forum and Development Diary please =]

Posted by ShadowMan1187 - February 21st, 2009


Posted by ShadowMan1187 - February 13th, 2009

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"Blood sugar" by Pendulum.

Posted by ShadowMan1187 - November 19th, 2008

Alright.. so..
Iv been working on a game lately.. Its about 6% done.. lol.
Iv been staying up late to learn AS.. In school i jus write ideas down
and draw characters and weapons.. Damn..

Anyways.. as for music.. idk..
Ill produce a song for you sometime in december..
BTW!! im going to the U.S of A in 9 days... im pretty stolked..
goin to california.. Driving there.. Gunna be dank!

Pce < 3

Kyle St.Amour

Posted by ShadowMan1187 - August 16th, 2008

To those that know, i live in a very mountainous town in B.C Canada.
Here is a picture of a local cougar on a trail, A family friend took the photo..
Thank you randy.

To those that dont know what one looks like.. its an oversized cat with a temper.
They stalk you then kill you, But he didnt even move, just stared.
Wierd.... hmm, anyways. enjoii. comment please.

Local Cougar In My Neighborhood

Posted by ShadowMan1187 - August 11th, 2008

For those who want to know, and have been asking,
I use a program called Fl Studio 8 XXL Producer Edition,
It serves me just fine, if you dont understand it, keep using
it until you do or just go home.

Also, i use a few VSTi that id like to mention, so no one will ask me.
Z3ta+, Nexus, Vanguard, Helix, and of course, the built in VST
everyone loves! Sytrus. =D

There ya guys go. If u need links, message me, i might be able to help you.